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Kinesis Affiliate Marketing Platform

“The KAMP”

Finally a True “Turn-Key” Marketing Platform That Is All “Done For You”

And It’s FREE!!

Why Do We Give Everyone a FREE Turn-Key Referral Sharing System?

As a Kinesis Affiliate, the worst thing anyone can do is send their valuable prospects to a generic presentation page…or a page with so much information that it is confusing to them, so they take no action at all, flushing all your efforts (and in some cases…paid traffic) down the drain.


We solve that by providing  Video Landing Pages with laser targeted, topic specific videos that highlight the key Features & Benefits available within the Kinesis Financial Network, that the people you Refer want…so they can see “What’s in it for ME?!”, and thus naturally desire to gain access to such.

And last but not least, our pages provide strong, clear “Calls to Action” that tells your Referrals exactly “What To Do Next” in order to open their own Free Kinesis Wallet Account and/or Kinesis Referral Program (Affiliate) Account.


Simple, Clear…Concise!


NO more needing to be a techie. NO need to deal with buying a domain, hosting, creating landing pages, creating videos, learning how to embed them, editing html code, copyrighting or any of the other mind-numbing components that are integral parts of creating good “sales funnels”.

That’s right, you can finally just say NO to doing it the same old hard way, and instead say YES to the turn-key power and automation provided by the KAMP!

What Is Included In THE KAMP?

The Kinesis Affiliate Marketing Platform (KAMP) includes various “Done-For-You” marketing and communication tools that showcase the most important features and benefits of the Kinesis Monetary System (KMS). 

We have broken down the entire Kinesis Monetary System (KMS) into short, ‘topic-specific’ micro-funnels, with pre-made presentation videos designed to clearly educate and inform yourself and your referrals, making it easy to understand the value of participating in various aspects of the KMS.


Now virtually anyone can jump right into sharing the Kinesis Monetary System by simply providing individuals or businesses through the Kinesis Referral Program by sharing their Kinesis Affiliate Link(s) to the Video Landing Page(s) that are most relevant to each individual prospective customer.

You can also share your own custom links so that when anyone visits any specific page of the website or attends any LIVE or Evergreen Webinar, when they enroll, they can be automatically “coded” to you, meaning you are the one who will then earn passive residual income off of that account…for the Life of the Account, without them needing to get back to you!  


Then let the KAMP do the heavy-lifting and make the ‘sales pitch’ for you…explaining the key features and benefits of the Kinesis Monetary System (KMS) perfectly every time AND also provide your prospects with a strong “Call to Action” to maximize new account conversions and commissions for you!

When you enroll in the FREE KAMP, you will receive your own unique Referral Links to these micro-funnels. You can share your Referral Links with other people, organizations and businesses to help accelerate the adoption of and strengthen the entire Kinesis Monetary System.

Remember, every time your sharing results in the opening of a new Kinesis eWallet Account &/or Kinesis Affiliate Account, you will be rewarded with on-going (“Life of the Account”) passive residual income in accordance with the terms of the Kinesis Blueprint and KAMP Commission Structure respectively.

Your Yields and Commissions will be deposited directly into your Kinesis Wallet Account which you can invest or spend virtually anywhere in the world through inter-wallet transfers and Debit Card.

On top of that, until you spend available funds from your Kinesis Wallet Account, Kinesis will actually pay you a Yield for Holding funds inside of your account.


Kinesis will even follow up with your prospects (all Done-For-You), providing on-going communications with valuable news and updates about the KMS. Kinesis will also drip-feed various communications showcasing the features and benefits of the KMS and convey the value of opening up and utilizing a Kinesis Wallet Account to preserve, protect and growth their wealth. 


You only need a FREE Kinesis Affiliate Marketing Platform (KAMP) account to gain access to everything described above, however, once you fully grasp the power of the KMS, you may want to upgrade to a paid KAMP Account which opens access to additional top-tier advertising, marketing and communication tools to help you scale the amount of your personally referred accounts even faster. [Paid KAMP Service Packages Projected To Open In Summer Of 2019].



Our Topic and “Sector Specific” Video Landing Pages (VLPs) will be built out over time to initially highlight the Features & Benefits applicable to the following components of the Kinesis Monetary System:


Kinesis Monetary System
And Referral Program Overview
The World’s First
100% “Asset Allocated” Digital Currency
(5 Minute Version)

Kinesis Monetary System
Limited Details
(2 Minute Version)

Kinesis Referral Program
Life Of The Account
Passive Residual Income

Kinesis Velocity Tokens
Share In Global Transaction Fees

1st Tier Assets With A Yield
Minter & Holder Yields
Holding Title to Gold & Silver Bars

Future Videos…

Kinesis Currency Exchange
Minting Kinesis Coins

Kinesis Blockchain Exchange
Ultra-Fast Transactions
Trading Crypto & Fiat

Kinesis Mobile Wallet
Ultra-Secure DOD Grade Encryption

Benefits For Businesses
Reducing Transaction Fees
Turning On-Going Expenses
Into Recurring Income

Are You UN-Banked?
Need A Credit Card?
Send Money Overseas?
ONE Account – Many Solutions

Beyond Banking
The Unique Benefits Of Kinesis
A Sound Financial System For ALL

Enroll In The FREE KAMP Today

Go through our Free Training to understand the systems we have available to simplify the process of referring others into the Kinesis Monetary System. Learn what’s working best for others, so you can duplicate their success to multiply your efforts AND on-going passive residual income.

Discover how the KMS will benefit you personally and give you access to the most rewarding monetary system and referral program in the world.

Grab your Referral Links and start sharing the Video Landing Pages that are most relevant to the people you know, and start coding accounts and commissions to yourself today.

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