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Kinesis Monetary System

A Kinetically Charged, Yield-Bearing, Asset-Allocated, Monetary System of Shared Economic Wealth.

Kinesis Money

Imagine being able to own and profit from REAL MONEY – in the form of a 100% “Asset-Allocated” Digital Currencies, meaning they are backed 1:1 by PHYSICAL Gold & Silver with serial numbers, that is stored in top tier vaults around the world, that YOU retain title to. For the 1st time ever, YOU can  also literally “MINT” Kinesis Currencies (Kinesis Coins) into circulation and then profit from the transaction fees associated with that currency for life.


To top it off, these currencies can be used in everyday financial transactions to buy and sell goods around the world, utilizing the Kinesis Debit Card!


Kinesis Currency Exchange

The Kinesis Currency Exchange (KCX) functions as the wholesale market where the Kinesis Currencies are created (minted) and then emitted into the Kinesis Monetary System.

The two Initial Kinesis Currencies will be KAU (Gold Allocated) and KAG (Silver Allocated).


This occurs in a centrally-cleared institutional exchange with deep liquidity and connectivity into global wholesale trading organizations via Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), which provides access to these Tier-1 Investment Grade physical assets.

Allocated Bullion Exchange


One of our key technology partners is the Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), the world’s leading institutional grade electronic exchange for buying and selling Allocated (Titled) Physical Precious Metals, with extensive infrastructure and technology fully operational for the trade and storage of physical bullion around the world. 


ABX has Modernized, Globalized & Integrated the precious metal markets by redefining the way physical bullion is traded.

ABX connects all major global liquidity centers and breaks down the barriers of entry to the global wholesale market for all market participants, giving Kinesis Account Holders a key competitive advantage due to the ability to source physical metals for Minting from around the world at the most competitive retail prices available.


It is worth noting that ALL physical Gold & Silver held in our partner vaults has passed all London Market Bullion Association (LBMA) rules. 


There is no “Blood Gold” involved…ever! So, you never have to worry about contributing to small mining operations run by  guerrillas, drug traffickers or other nefarious organizations which often use ‘slave labor’ and the profits they generate for illegal or immoral activities.

Due to this partnership with the Allocated Bullion Exchange, when you purchase these top tier physical assets, you can rest assured knowing you are always buying and holding TITLE to the highest quality of gold and silver in the world, in the safest vaults, in the best locations, around the world.

Owned By The People

Kinesis Currencies are not leveraged, fractionalized, diluted, or owned by Central Banks, like traditional Fiat Currencies. In contrast, Kinesis Currencies are owned by the People, from around the world, who “Mint” them into existence.


We the People (from around the World) “Mint” Kinesis Currencies into circulation via the KCX.

When YOU “Mint” the Currencies, then SELL, SEND or SPEND the currency to another entity, this entitles YOU, as the Creator, to receive a Yield on that currency as it is used in financial transactions around the world, over and over again, within the KMS, because YOU own it!


When you REFER people who Mint Kinesis Currencies, you also receive a % of the on-going transaction fees from all currency minted by the people you refer.

The Kinesis Currency Exchange records its usage, and you get paid a percentage of the transaction fees, as it circulates anywhere in the world, over and over again...for LIFE!

Kinesis Blockchain Exchange

The Kinesis Blockchain Exchange (KBE) operates as a blockchain digital currency exchange where Kinesis and other digital (crypto) currencies can be traded. This is being developed internally to ensure deep liquidity for the Kinesis Currencies.


Kinesis Blockchain Network

The Kinesis Blockchain Network (KBN) is the blockchain technology upon which the Kinesis Suite of Currencies are built.

Kinesis Currencies can be sent, spent, saved, or traded through the blockchain. Coins purchased in the wholesale market are emitted into the KBN with incentives based on money velocity.

Kinesis Financial Network

The Kinesis Financial Network (KFN) serves as the world’s premier mobile banking system where Kinesis Currencies can be used for savings, payments, remittances, and money movement.


Kinesis Wallet Account

Plus, your Kinesis WALLET Account will also have an ultra-secure encrypted Mobile Wallet and e-commerce technology suite allowing you to view your account balances in virtually any fiat currency of choice.

Our mobile payment account system and balance is equivalent to a virtual savings account giving you the ability to earn interest on all funds loaded into your Mobile Payment Account.

Paired with the technology offerings is an integrated debit card equivalent to a virtual checking account, which can be used anywhere Visa / MasterCard is accepted, allowing you to withdraw funds at virtually any ATM around the world. 


Our Debit Cards also allow you to purchase good and services around the world anywhere Mastercard or Visa (varies by country) is accepted, using Fiat or Cryptocurrencies you hold in your Kinesis WALLET Account.


Additionally, companion cards can be created and sent to your children and family members abroad, enabling you to move funds to companion cards, even internationally…in real-time for FREE!!

Yes, for the 1st time in history you can open a single Account that handles transactions between Fiat Currencies, Cryptocurrencies & Precious Metals, as well as the ability to buy products and services from merchants around the world using the Kinesis Debit Card…along with the ability to earn lifetime commissions by simply referring others.

When you look at all the benefits, you will see there is no other Account in the world that can match the power and profitability of a Kinesis WALLET Account, with its ultra-secure, highly encrypted Mobile Wallet. Kinesis Money stands to be the ultimate “Gold Standard” for generations to come!

In less than one minute, you can gain access to complete details of the Kinesis Monetary System, the ability to get passive residual income by simply sending others your own custom referral link…AND tell Kinesis that you want your own Kinesis WALLET Account on the day they are opened to the public. 

The 1st Step is opening a FREE Kinesis Affiliate Marketing Platform Account  by clicking the link below now.

The Evolution Of The Gold Standard

The Kinesis Monetary System is an evolutionary step beyond any current monetary system available in the world today. It creates and utilizes money as both as an Intrinsic Store of Value and Effective Medium of Exchange, which has been developed for the benefit of all.


Kinesis is a monetary system which is focused on minimizing risk, maximizing return and stimulating the  velocity of money movement. Kinesis is designed to intrinsically promote a rapid rate of adoption.


Core to the mechanics of this monetary system is the perpetual incentive and thus on-going stimulus for money velocity. Outside capital is attracted into Kinesis via a highly attractive risk/return ratio and then put into highly stimulated movement, promoting commerce and economic activity.

Economic Incentives To Accelerate Worldwide Adoption

Aside from offering the greatest store of value (precious metals) as a currency and striving to provide the most efficient medium of exchange, the Kinesis Referral Program pays for LIFE on all Accounts referred, further stimulating velocity and maximizing the rate of adoption.

Create your own free Kinesis Account on this site today to gain access to all the features and benefits built into the Kinesis Monetary System. You will also be given your own referral link to share, which entitles you to overrides for life on all Kinesis ONE Accounts you introduce.

Super Simple. Yet Profoundly Powerful!


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