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Kinesis Referral Program

The Most Simple, Powerful & Highest Paying 2-Tier Affiliate Program In The World

Passive Residual Income
From Sharing The KMS

Participating in the Kinesis Referral Program as a Kinesis Affiliate represents a Global Opportunity to help people and businesses save money and protect their wealth by using this next generation monetary system that goes 'beyond banking'. Your Kinesis Mobile Wallet Account and Kinesis Currencies (aka Kinesis Money) will open up a whole new way to manage, monitor, protect and grow your wealth.

In addition to earning a yield from all Kinesis Currencies that you create and hold in the Kinesis Monetary System (KMS), Kinesis also shares a % of the Transaction Fees generated within the KMS from every account you refer for life, generating true PASSIVE Residual Income.

Imagine How Many People There Are Around The World Who Would Like To:

OWN a sound currency that isn't being devalued daily

EARN a higher yield on their 'savings'

ACCESS an alternative to stocks and bonds

STOP paying storage fees on their precious metals

TRADE Fiat, Cryptos & Precious Metals from ONE Account

TRANSFER money internationally WITHOUT fees

SAVE on their business's banking & transaction fees OR

CONVERT recurring business expenses into residual income (a world's first!)

You probably fit into more than one of the above categories yourself, right?

And so does almost everyone else, and every business too!


Yes, this is when the light bulbs start going off in people's heads, as they realize that virtually every individual and every business in the world can benefit from using the Kinesis Monetary System (KMS), which is why sharing the KMS represents such an enormous opportunity to further build and grow your wealth. In fact, everyone entering the KMS gets their own free referral link. Read on below to discover why we chose to do this...

Open Your Free Account

When you register your Free Affiliate Account on this site, you will automatically be logged into our Member's Area called "THE KAMP" ( Kinesis Affiliate Marketing Platform ).

Inside The KAMP, you will be provided educational tools and resources, including complete details on all the benefits of the Kinesis Monetary System, the Kinesis Initial Token Offering, the Kinesis ICO, the entire Kinesis Blueprint (White Paper), and the KAMP itself. These resources will teach you how to open, operate and maximize the profits of your own Kinesis WALLET Account, as well as help you to preserve, protect and grow your personal wealth too.

Plus, you will also get your own unique Kinesis Referral Program Links, empowering you to share the Kinesis Monetary System (KMS) virtually anywhere in the world, because this website can be translated into 100+ languages on demand! 

Simply refer people to ANY page of THE KAMP website using your personal Affiliate Referral Link, and let Kinesis Corporate and the Kinesis Monetary Suite do all of the heavy-lifting and on-going work for you. 


Our "One-of-a-Kind" Features


No Balancing

No Auto-Ships

No Minimum Monthly Requirements

Pay-Outs As High As 50%

We Pay You The TOP Commission % From Your Very 1st Referral

KAMP Commission Plan Is So Simple It Can Be Explained In Less Than 1-Minute

Because The KAMP Pays...

2/3 Of All "Payable Commissions" To The Ambassador-A Who Referred The Account

1/3 To The Ambassador-B
IF They Function As The
Affiliate Manager For Affiliate-A

(**To qualify as an "Affiliate Manager" you must agree to take on the responsibility of  'managing' all the Affiliates you refer)

**KAMP products and services pays up to 2 Tiers

*Kinesis Monetary System pays single Tier


The World's BIGGEST Opportunity

Virtually the entire world is open territory and there is no limit to the number or size of accounts that you can refer. Personal and Corporate accounts are available.

Simply share your Affiliate Links with others, and every time your sharing results in the opening of a new KAMP Account and/or Kinesis WALLET Account, they will be coded to you throughout the entire Kinesis Monetary System receive a % of transaction fees for the "Life of the Account" in accordance with the terms of the Kinesis Blueprint.

That's all it takes... 


The first step is registering for your free Kinesis Referral Program Account which takes less than 1 minute. Then you will automatically be logged into our Member's Area, and gain access to buy your 1st Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) too.

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