Kinesis Updates

RELEASE DATE: September 20, 2019


This is likely the most important email you have ever received from us, so please make sure to read every word and pass this along to everyone you know so nobody gets left out, as emails getting put into people’s SPAM folder is cuasung many people to miss these critical updates!!


As a follow up on the KAMP database and referred clients under the referring parties:

We have been working to diligently ensure that prior to the first yield payment, the appropriate referrers are noted on the correct accounts in the Kinesis CRM Software (Salesforce).

To assist with communications to the KAMP members the below is a summary of rules that will ensure things all go to plan.

The rules for KMS referrers is as follows:

  • To be eligible for referrer’s yield you must have a Kinesis Money Account (Exchange Account) KM  ID#
  • BOTH the referrer and referee MUST be KYC’d
  • If you were referred by someone for KVTs and that person also has an exchange account, the KVT referrer will be noted as your referrer

Examples: I bought KVTs, after I was referred by Sue. 

  • When I make an exchange account, Sue will be noted as my referrer (as long as Sue also makes an exchange account
  • If you were referred by someone for KVTs, but you use a different person’s referrer link for KMS, your referrer will be your KVT referrer
    • I bought KVTs after I was referred by Sue
    • I used Matthew’s referrer link for KMS when signing up
    • Your referrer will be Sue because she was the first person to introduce you to Kinesis Money, unless (a) Sue does NOT have a Kinesis Exchange Account, in which case Matthew will be your Referrer, so long as Matthew has an Exchange Account (see below)
  • If you were referred by someone for KVTs, but that person does not have an exchange account, your referrer will be the person used in your Kinesis Money sign up link
    • I bought KVTs after I was referred by Sue.
    • Sue does not have a KMS account.
    • I use Matthew‘s referrer link for KMS, who has a KMS account
    • Matthew will be noted as my referrer

This means that until existing customers of Kinesis (not The KAMP) have made KMS accounts (with their new KM ID), it may not be possible for the “correct” referrer to be shown on the Salesforce System, beacuse there is no data for Kinesis to find other than what gets in their system NOW!!!

If you believe there are any discrepancies for KVT Referrers please let us know, however do not be alarmed if the Referrer shown in the Platform Credential is different to their KVT Referrer.

The Kinesis Tech Team haa a plan in place to update these details immediately before IT runa the 1st Yield Payment so that it aligns with the approved rules by ‘Exco’.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out…

Don’t have a KM ID # yet? Click the link below and forward us your NEW KM ID, so that we can add it to our database sheet, so that when we forward it to Kinesis (likely in the next 24-72 hours), your referree and referrals will be propery credited.


If you already have a KM ID, please forward such to us, so that we can add it to our database sheet as well.

Thank You,





Dear KAMP Members,
Here is the latest email from Kinesis! We know a lot of you are NOT getting these emails as it is happening to us too, as email service providers continue to put more and more emails in the SPAM box and sometimes will not even deliver them at all.

That is one of the reasons we use PUSH notifications instead of emails as much as possible. It is much more reliable, and we will be changing over to a Web App so the deliver-ability and functionality of our PUSH Notifications will be even better, So, make sure to subscribe to our KAMP PUSH notifications when prompted, as they will help you to stay informed so you do not miss out on important information!! So, stay tuned!

Now onto the latest update from Kinesis…

We are proud to announce the launch of the Kinesis Currency Exchange (KCX), also known as the Kinesis Mint. The KCX is a powerful platform which allows users to create (mint) Kinesis digital currencies; KAU & KAG.

Features of the KCX:

  • Create new Kinesis currencies – Mint KAU (1 KAU = 1 gram gold) and KAG (1 KAG = 1 ounce silver) into existence; digital gold and silver.
  • Store, send and receive Kinesis currencies – Transact between Kinesis eWallets instantly, enabling cross border transactions with low fees.
  • Zero storage fees on gold and silver bullion – Kinesis rewards depositors with an additional KVT for transferring bullion holdings into the system.*
  • Yield exposure – Kinesis Minters will receive ongoing minter yields for creating and using Kinesis currencies.

We have created a series of videos and detailed step by step guides to assist you along the way as you begin minting your own digital currencies.

*Subject to terms

Set Up Your Kinesis eWallet

Watch Video Then Follow Instructions Below

1st – Open Instructions Page
In One Browser Tab By
Clicking Silver Button Below

2nd – Open eWallet Page
In 2nd Browser Tab By
Clicking GOLD Button Below

Open Kinesis Currency Exchange
KCX Minting Account

Watch Video Then Follow Instructions Below

1st – See KCX Minting Guide
In New Browser Tab By
Clicking White Button Below

2nd – Open KCXPage
In New Browser Tab By
Clicking GREEN Button Below

Initial Minting Offer (IMO)
Bonus Period


The IMO period runs from 2nd April to 30th June, 2019. Take advantage of this limited time offer which provides a 3x multiplier effect to the Kinesis Currencies you mint when calculating your proportional entitlement to the 5% of transaction fees allocated to the Minter’s Yield pool.

If you have existing bullion you are storing with another approved provider, we have you covered. If your costs of transfer are US$1,000 or more, provide us with the invoice and we will give you 1 KVT*.

US Participation in Initial Minting Offer

Kinesis engages with U.S. counsel on the classification and interpretation of all of its products and services.

While we remain confident in our internal position that KAU and KAG fall outside of traditional financial securities legislation with the U.S., the blockchain and digital asset industries remain developing areas of law which warrant additional due diligence and research.

To this end, we are awaiting final feedback from external counsel on this position and as a result, we have conservatively opted to temporarily delay the Initial Minting Offer to U.S. citizens and residents until such time as this feedback is received.

Older Updates


Kinesis Cayman has been very busy bringing to life the many complex aspects that make up the Kinesis Monetary System. Today Kinesis Cayman has some updates to our timelines that are necessary due to the addition, expansion and evolution of the underlying technology that Kinesis is building.


After much discussion with existing and future liquidity providers, we have identified new opportunities to source deep liquidity and competitive pricing. We are aligning our KAG specification more closely with the products offered by said liquidity providers. By doing so, we anticipate that participants within the Kinesis Monetary System will see the immense benefits.

The updated specifications are now published in a revised version of our Blueprint and Whitepaper, available immediately following this announcement.

KAG is now based on 1 oz of silver and the minimum contract for minting KAG is 200 oz. KAU remains unchanged.

This variation has contributed to the slight delay in releasing the KCX. However, we see the enormous benefits in terms of pricing and liquidity significantly outweighing any negatives.


Due to the aforementioned changes, we have moved the KCX release date and the ability to mint from 18th March, to 25th March, 2019.

Once the KCX is launched on the 25th of March, KVT holders will have special access to create their eWallets and start minting KAU and KAG, while also enjoying the preferential Initial Minting Offer(*1) rate.

The features you can expect in KCX on launch are:

KCX Mint

  • Minting from fiat currencies
  • Minting from existing bullion holdings through the Exchange Physical for Digital (EPD) program

Kinesis Wallet / Vault

Kinesis Blockchain Explorer

*1. Formerly referred to as the pre-ICO period.


KCX RELEASE: In order to give people sufficient time to capitalize upon the 3x yield multiplier effect for all minting completed during the Initial Miniting Offer period(*2) and to account for the evolution of the Kinesis Blockchain Exchange (KBE), we have decided to extend the Initial Minting Offer to 30th June, 2019.

This will be followed by the full public release of KCX and KBE on 1st July, 2019.

*2. Formerly referred to as the 15% Pre-ICO Minting Yield.


Post 1st July, 2019, with the KCX and the KBE live, participants will be able to redeem physical metal, trade in and out of KAU and KAG positions and a variety of other trading pairs and participate in a variety of our unique yields.

This will mean those who don’t have the ability to mint can start to trade KAU and KAG on the KBE.


As the KVT is a utility token which grants the holder early access to the KCX and its Initial Minting Offer, there is no benefit to listing on other exchanges or allowing trade in the KVT at this time.

In light of this, we have instead opted to slightly delay the KVT activation date until after the successful launch of the KBE; being the 1st of July 2019.We believe this additional time will contribute to the Initial Minting Offer successfully attracting significant amounts of metal into the ecosystem, and gives a good opportunity for the KMS to begin generating positive yields for the KVT holders.

We will also be revealing an initiative to reward those who mint minimum values of the Kinesis currencies with KVTs in an effort to attract the most metal possible to the Initial Minting Offer.

This will be revealed in upcoming announcements, inline with the KCX Initial Minting Offer launch on the 25th March.


August 30, 2019 is when the first yield payments will be processed.

Our yield engine will be fully operational and our key focus is on generating velocity via ease of payment solutions, including partner integrations and the Kinesis debit card.


Anticipated August/September, 2019
We have begun development, testing and API integration work and are exploring new countries and regions for the Kinesis debit card. As we are developing outside of an internal environment, we are at the mercy of protracted processes which throw an element of uncertainty in actual launch date.

The debit card solution we are proposing is the fully integrated service where gold and silver KAU and KAG can be spent via the Kinesis debit card.

This will also integrate into the KMS for the seamless management of all of your currencies.


These updates are reflected in our Offering Memorandum that can be found HERE.

The Kinesis Blueprint has the KAG contract specifications, timelines, and the yield table updated accordingly. These updates are now live and can be found HERE.

The Whitepaper also has updated timelines and can be found HERE.