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How To Translate Website

A. To translate this website, you MUST be using Google Chrome, because we use the “Google Translate” widget, so it will not appear in other browsers like Firefox, Safari, etc. Thus, you will need to Download and Install Google Chrome first!

B. Open website using Google Chrome => httpS:// 

C. The first time anyone lands on this website the Google Chrome Translate widget will appear at the very top middle of the page, so User can choose which language they want to view the site in. However, as of June 2018, if the visitor closes the translation toolbar at the top of the page by clicking the [Show Original] button whether by accident or on purpose, the translate toolbar will disappear. Below are the steps to be able to choose language again if desired:

Step #1: Right Click Anywhere On Website Screen And Box Appears > Click “Translate To English”


Step #2a: Click “Options”


Step #2b: Click “Change Languages”


Step #3a: Click “Drop-Down Arrow” and Choose Preferred Language


Step #3b: Choose desired language (in this case Chinese Simplified), Click “Translate” and Website will automatically be translated into your desired language.


Step #4: While on the website there should now be a small Icon in the upper right corner of the URL (website address bar), as shown in the image below. Clicking the Icon opens up the “Options” window and User can choose a new language using Steps above starting with Step #2a.

If you return to this site and do NOT see the Icon, simply START again at Step #1 above.


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